Common Household Pests in Sutherland Shire

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Common Household Pests in Sutherland Shire

Household pests are unfortunately a fact a life. Many people, no matter how clean they keep their home, may experience problems with various types of pests. This article will share the most common types of household pests found in Sutherland Shire, so that you can know what to look for if you have a problem.

Rats and Mice

Small rodents can ruin food, damage property by short circuiting wires and causing electrical fires, and even transmit disease. They can be a serious issue in the home. Baiting or trapping is the only way to guarantee a successful result.

Termites (White Ants)

If you see little piles of mud around any wood elements in your home, you may be dealing with Termites. These common critters chomp through wood like its candy, and can seriously damage human structures. Termite infestations should be treated as quickly as possible by a licensed professional. Do not disturb the termites as this can interfere with the treatment process.


As the story goes, cockroaches will be the only thing to survive nuclear war. They’re tough little buggers! There is no real way of knowing where the cockroaches are coming from because these little pests live and breed inside wall cavities, roof voids and under houses and come out to feed while you sleep at night.


Fleas love warm, humid conditions, which is unfortunately our climate here. They are often carried on pets, and can spread to humans causing itching and irritation from their bites. Flea infestations can escalate quickly, so it’s important to treat quickly.


Wasps are an important insect species. However, when they move into your home or neighbourhood, they can cause dangerous and painful stings, especially to small children. Therefore, you may need to consider removal. Wasps will defend themselves and their nest, so professional removal services may be best.


Where trees have been cleared in suburbs and neighbourhoods, possums have lost most of their natural habitat. This can lead them to take up residence in your home, causing damage. Possums are a protected species and require a permit for removal, so a professional service is usually the best option.

Spiders – Redbacks

Unlike other pests, spiders are rarely a recurring problem. However, they can cause trouble and be dangerous—especially to children and pets. Spiders tend to be most common throughout the warmer months but can be found hiding under pot plant rims and handles all year round. Common Redback’s are quite venomous and several hundred people in Australia require hospital treatment each year for Redback bites.


Some ants are beneficial to have around in your garden and lawn, but when they start moving inside they can become a problem. A serious ant issue may require baiting, which can eliminate the source.

Fabric Pests (Silverfish, Moths, Beetles)

Insects that damage natural cloth like wool and cotton are relatively common, and can destroy an entire wardrobe. Moths and beetles tend to go after keratin, a natural protein found in wool, while silverfish prefer cotton .Prevention is the best cure.

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